Top 3 Ways to Get Paid to Play Games

Who doesn’t love playing games? With the rise of the gig economy and side hustle culture, now you can actually get paid real money for playing your favorite games! Whether you like bingo, solitaire, Fortnite or retro arcade games, there are legit ways to profit from your gaming hobby.

Here are our top 3 picks for the most enjoyable ways for gamers to earn cash:

  • Play Cash Games Like Bingo & Solitaire

Sites like Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash will actually pay you to play casual games like bingo, solitaire, mahjong, word games, and more. We’re talking real money payouts via PayPal or gift cards!

How These Cash Game Sites Work

  • No purchase or deposit is required to start earning
  • You accumulate tokens/points for playing fun games
  • Tokens are exchanged for sweepstakes entries and prizes
  • Top prizes can be worth up to $1,000-$5,000!

Our Top Site Picks for Cash Games

Bingo Cash

This entertaining social bingo site features 75-ball, 80-ball, and 30-ball bingo rooms, with games happening every few minutes. You have a chance to compete against thousands of other players for jackpot prizes all day long.


  • Earn Bucks tokens for playing bingo
  • Exchange Bucks for sweepstakes entries
  • Bingo games have guaranteed winners each round
  • Jackpot value increases with more card sales
  • Multiple 75 ballrooms with progressive jackpots over $10k+
  • Play free with collect bucks

Solitaire Cash

If bingo isn’t your jam, Solitaire Cash offers a similar rewards model – only for playing everyone’s favorite solo card game instead.

Why It’s Fun:

  • Win tokens playing Klondike, Spider & more
  • Smooth mobile app & gameplay
  • 200+ solitaire decks & challenges
  • Play tournaments for €100-5000 cash prizes
  • Exchange loyalty points for PayPal cash
  • Instant sign-up – no financial details!

The Verdict:

Games you can win real money are pretty fun and stress-free. You have nothing to lose since there’s no financial risk, just entertainment upside, earning tokens and loyalty points for playing games you enjoy.

  • Get Paid Streaming Your Gaming Sessions

Live streaming yourself gaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming has become a full-time income source for thousands of gamers worldwide.

Top streamers easily make 6 figures+ from ad revenue, subscriptions, fan donations, and sponsorships. But even smaller channels can rack up handsome earnings over time.

How Much Do Streamers Make?

Streamers get paid from several income sources:

  • Subscriptions – Fans pay ~$5/month for perks like custom emotes and badges
  • Ad Revenue – A cut of ads played during your streams
  • Tips – Viewers can donate money during your stream
  • Bits – Stream chat messages fans purchase from Twitch to support you
  • Sponsors – Getting paid to showcase brands/products

Most platforms only let you withdraw earnings once you hit $100. But from there, it can snowball!

Top gaming creators easily get millions of views per month across YouTube and Twitch. When you add up all the earning channels – ads, subs, donations, etc. – it can easily net six or even seven figures annually.

Getting Started

All you need is a good headset mic, a gaming PC or console, and a reliable internet connection.

Build a following by being entertaining, engaging your viewers, and cultivating a consistent schedule.

It may take months to gain enough views for monetization. But if you can commit at least 15 hours of streaming weekly, you’ll continue compounding an audience over time.

Some quick tips:

  • Pick popular games – Ones with established player bases and streaming communities. Examples: Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, VALORANT etc.
  • Set a schedule – Same days/times weekly so fans know when to watch you live.
  • Use social media – Promote when you go live, post stream highlights, and engage fans.
  • Collaborate with others – Play together on streams to discover each streamer’s fanbases.
  • Focus on production quality – Good lighting, graphics, alerts, etc. Upgrade over time.

If you have an entertaining personality combined with solid gaming abilities – streaming could be a lucrative hobby for you.

  • Enter Paid eSports & Mobile Gaming Tournaments

From Fortnite to Clash Royale – mobile and online tournaments are handing out serious cash prizes lately. We’re talking hundreds of millions awarded to gamers across popular titles.

You may have seen videos of massive crowd reactions at packed stadium finals with life-changing million-dollar payouts. But even lesser-known tournaments offer handsome rewards you can enter remotely.

The options go on, whether it’s FIFA, PUBG Mobile, MarioKart Tour, and countless other popular titles. Every month, millions in prizes are awarded to the best gamers.

While getting rich quickly is unlikely, diligent practice and tournament grind could earn you an impressive side income from gaming. With enough passion and skill, you might just pay off some loans or a car by playing!

Let’s Get This Gaming Money!

As you can see, there are plenty of avenues for transforming gaming from just a hobby into a cash-earning side gig. You can pick just one money-making gaming method that looks enjoyable or even combine several at once!