Three Black Crows

Three Black Crows

How to Trade the Three Black Crows Pattern

In the financial markets, a downturn is called a three-crows pattern when three long candlesticks all trend down in a row. This pattern can indicate that an investor should avoid investing during this time. Here are some trading rules to consider if you’re considering using this pattern. 1. Use a candlestick chart with a low volume to identify this pattern. If there are three black crows in a row, the market may be headed for another downturn.


The Three Black Crows pattern is a trading strategy that uses the three candles within a sequence. The first candle in the sequence forms during an uptrend, while the other two are bearish. When both candles are formed, traders can enter a short position. In the event of a pullback, traders should place a stop loss order above the high of the second bearish candle. This will protect them from incurring losses.

The Three Black Crows pattern is a classic trading pattern that marks a series of successive lower-body candles. This pattern indicates massive selling pressure and should be interpreted as bearish. In addition, it can form at the continuation point of an uptrend. Usually, the opening price is below the closing price of the first candle. Profit booking should be delayed until the trend reversal sign is visible on the chart.


When a trend turns bearish, traders should look for the appearance of three black crows. These three black candles form at the top of a trend and indicate a potential negative reversal or profit-booking. In addition, this pattern is a great way to confirm that a trend is weak and that a new downtrend is on the way. However, identifying the occurrence of three black crows is easier said than done.

The ‘three black crows’ pattern is a bearish candlestick reversal pattern that is formed when there are three consecutive bearish candlesticks. In order to form this pattern, the first two must occur near the high of the previous candle. The third candle must open lower than the first candle and must also close lower than the previous one. In order to identify the presence of this pattern, traders should look for other factors, such as a bullish trend, bearish trend, and a short upswing.


The Three Black Crows pattern shows signs of weakness in an established uptrend and the potential for a downtrend to develop. Although this pattern is often mistaken for a bearish reversal, it should be considered only in rallying uptrends. The pattern requires a recent high and an opening price of descending candlesticks. A pattern such as this can occur during bullish or bearish trends, or during short upswings and bearish rallies.

The Three Black Crows pattern is a bearish reversal candlestick pattern with three consecutive long bodies. The first and third candlesticks are long-bodied and without wicks, and close lower than the previous candle. The pattern is often associated with an ending bullish trend and signals a change in control to the bears. In forex and crypto markets, traders should approach this pattern with caution as there is too little data to analyze its profitability.

Trading rules

When three black crows form in a bear market, it is time to open sell positions. These signals confirm the bear market is in full swing and wait for a further downward move. In addition to checking whether a market is oversold or overbought, traders should also monitor market breadth indicators. A high RSI value means the trend is up. Traders should trade only when the RSI is above fifty.

Traditional three black crows trading rules work well and make intuitive sense, but they aren’t foolproof. While three consecutive bearish bars often indicate a changing narrative, going short after three consecutively bearish bars is a risky move, due to the oversold condition. However, the data behind this strategy suggests that traders should wait until the next bounce to make a trade. The three black crows pattern can be used in conjunction with other indicators, including the RSI, to help you make a profit.

Exiting previous long positions

The Three Black Crows pattern occurs when the bears outnumber the bulls in three consecutive trading sessions. This pattern often occurs near a dojis, which illustrates indecision in a market before a trend reversal. The formation of the Three Black Crows pattern can be interpreted as a bearish signal. When a market breaks below a doji, a bearish signal is most likely.

The three black crows pattern is often accompanied by the bearish RSI to determine the reversal of an uptrend. It is a technical indicator and can be very effective for predicting trends. Traders often combine the three black crows pattern with other technical indicators to determine the direction of a particular security’s price action. While the three crows pattern is a powerful bearish signal, it should not be used alone.