Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAI) .TW

What is ‘Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAI) .TW’

The securities trading center in Taiwan. The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) was established in 1961 and began operations in February 1962. Its listed securities include stocks, government bonds, convertible bonds, entitlement certificates of convertible bonds, exchange-traded funds, call warrants, put warrants and Taiwan Depository Receipts. Its trading system has been fully computerized since 1993.

Explaining ‘Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAI) .TW’

In conjunction with its governing body, the Financial Supervisory Commission, the TWSE supervises and regulates listed companies, investigates unusual circumstances, makes daily reports to investors of any unusual trading activity, and verifies listed companies’ disclosures. The TWSE’s stated goals include developing new financial products, improving Taiwan’s capital markets, and strengthening the nation’s international competitiveness.

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