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Rainbow Option

DefinitionRainbow option is a derivative exposed to two or more sources of uncertainty, as opposed to a simple option that is exposed to one source of uncertainty, such as the price of under

Back-to-Back Loan

DefinitionA Back-to-back loan is a loan agreement between entities in two countries in which the currencies remain separate but the maturity dates remain fixed. The gross interest rates of t

Bag Holder

DefinitionIn U.S. financial slang, a bagholder is a shareholder left holding shares of worthless stocks. Bag Holder What is 'Bag Holder' An informal investment term used to describe an inv

Japanese Housewives

Japanese Housewives What is 'Japanese Housewives' Japanese housewives, in the foreign exchange world, is a collective term for the legions of Japanese matriarchs who resorted to currency t

Japan Inc.

Japan Inc. What is 'Japan Inc.' A nickname for the corporate world of Japan that came about during the 1980s boom, when Western business people saw how closely the Japanese government work


Offering What is 'Offering' The issue or sale of a security by a company. It is often used in reference to an initial public offering (IPO) when a company's stock is made available for pur


P What is 'P' A symbol that, when used as the fifth letter in a ticker symbol, indicates that a security is a first preferred issue. Called a fifth-letter identifier, "P" and most other le

AC-DC Option

AC-DC Option What is 'AC-DC Option' A derivative that gives an investor the right - but not the obligation - to buy (call) or sell (put) a security at a certain price (strike), and in whic

Pacific Exchange (PCX)

Pacific Exchange (PCX) What is 'Pacific Exchange - PCX' An exchange network that coordinates the trading of stock options between both institutional and individual investors. The PCX was o