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Hardship Withdrawal

Hardship Withdrawal What is 'Hardship Withdrawal' An emergency withdrawal from a retirement plan that may be subject to certain tax or account penalties. In the United States, funds withdr

Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund (FEM)

Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund (FEM) What is 'Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund - FEM' A reserve fund established by the country of Venezuela. Also known as the "FEM," it was created at t

Abeyance Order

Abeyance Order What is 'Abeyance Order' An order that is temporarily placed on hold or held in suspension, due to prevailing circumstances, until it can be fulfilled. In advertising, an ab

Accelerated Payments

Accelerated Payments What is 'Accelerated Payments' A term associated with making additional unscheduled payments on a loan at predetermined, or random intervals. Making additional unsched

Salary Reduction Contribution

Salary Reduction Contribution What is 'Salary Reduction Contribution' A cash- or deferred-contribution arrangement of an employer-sponsored retirement plan, under which participants can ch

Bagging the Street

Bagging the Street What is 'Bagging the Street' An investor's failure to avoid trading in the stocks that are part of a block and also within a specified amount of time. Bagging the street

Back Taxes

DefinitionBack taxes is a term for taxes that were not completely paid when due. Typically, these are taxes that are owed from a prior year. Back Taxes What is 'Back Taxes' Taxes that have

Call Provision

Call Provision What is a 'Call Provision' A call provision is a provision on a bond or other fixed-income instrument that allows the original issuer to repurchase and retire the bonds. If

Call Protection

Call Protection What is a 'Call Protection' A call protection is a protective provision of a callable security prohibiting the issuer from calling back the security for a period early in i

Charitable Contributions Deduction

Charitable Contributions Deduction Charitable contributions deduction is a tax incentive offered to individuals that donate sums to a recognized charity. The tax deduction allows taxpayers t
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