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Hedge Accounting

DefinitionHedge accounting is an accountancy practice. Hedge Accounting What is 'Hedge Accounting' Hedge accounting is a method of accounting where entries for the ownership of a security

Offset Mortgage

DefinitionThe term flexible mortgage refers to a residential mortgage loan that offers flexibility in the requirements to make monthly repayments. The flexible mortgage first appeared in Aus

Off-Premise Banking

Off-Premise Banking What is 'Off-Premise Banking' Any bank location other than its main location that provides banking services of any kind that don't require tellers. Off-premise banking

Offsetting Transaction

Offsetting Transaction What is an 'Offsetting Transaction' In trading, an activity that exactly cancels the risks and benefits of another instrument in the portfolio. An offsetting transac

Offline Debit Card

Offline Debit Card What is 'Offline Debit Card' A card that combines characteristics of both a traditional (online) debit card and a credit card, allowing the cardholder to pay for goods a


Pairoff What is 'Pairoff' 1. A purchase of securities to offset a previously transacted sale of the same security. 2. A transaction in securities markets where off-setting buy and sell t

Passive Activity Loss Rules

Passive Activity Loss Rules What is 'Passive Activity Loss Rules' A set of rules that prohibits using passive losses to offset earned or ordinary income. Passive activity loss rules preven

Waiver Of Inventory Clause

Waiver Of Inventory Clause What is 'Waiver Of Inventory Clause ' A clause in an insurance policy that says that the insurance company will not require the policyholder to provide a writte


Offset What does 'Offset' mean An offset involves assuming an opposite position in regards to the original opening position. Additionally, to offset is to liquidate a futures position by e

Earnings Credit Rate (ECR)

Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) What is 'Earnings Credit Rate - ECR' A daily calculation of interest paid on idle funds that reduce bank service charges. A calculated amount is then used to pay