Taft-Hartley Act

What is ‘Taft-Hartley Act’

The Taft-Hartley Act is a federal law that was enacted in 1947 that prohibited certain union practices and required improvement in union disclosure of financial and political dealings.

Explaining ‘Taft-Hartley Act’

The Taft-Hartley Act revised provisions of the Wagner Act, which was a law passed by Congress and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on July 5, 1935. The Taft-Hartley Act gave employees the right to avoid taking part in union activities, but it also stipulated that an employer can require an employee join a union.

Six Key Amendments

Taft-Hartley outlined six unfair practices by labor unions and provided remedies, in the form of amendments, for protecting employees from harm resulting from these practices:

Changes to Elections

The Taft-Hartley Act made changes to union election rules. These changes excluded supervisors from bargaining groups and gave special treatment to certain professional employees.

Taft Hartley Act FAQ

What was the purpose of the Taft Hartley Act?

In 1947, a federal was was passed prohibiting certain union practices and requiring the disclosure of some financial and political activities by unions.

What effect did the Taft Hartley Act of 1947 have on unions?

The Taft Hartley Act prohibited certain labor union practices like discriminating against non-union members.

Why was Truman against the Taft Hartley Act?

Truman supported unions and social workers and subsequently chose to veto the act.

Was the Taft Hartley Act successful?

The act continues to be used to manage relationships between employees, employers and labor unions with important protections for all involved.

What did the Taft Hartley Act make illegal?

The Taft-Hartley Act protected the rights of labor unions to organize along with collective bargaining, but in compromise outlawed closed shops, allowing workers to refuse to join their union.

Is the Taft Hartley Act still in effect?

Yes, the Taft Hartley Act is still in effect.

When was the Taft Hartley Act repealed?

The Taft Hartley Act has not been repealed.

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