Sale Of Crown Jewels

What is ‘Sale Of Crown Jewels ‘

A takeover-defense tactic that involves the sale of the target company’s prized and most coveted assets – the “crown jewels” – so as to reduce its attractiveness to the hostile bidder. The sale of a company’s best assets will leave it as a mere shadow of its former self. This is a type of “kamikaze” defense tactic, which inflicts potentially irreversible damage on a company to prevent it from being acquired by a hostile party.

Explaining ‘Sale Of Crown Jewels ‘

This tactic is sometimes used by conglomerates, which often attract hostile bidders because they can trade at a price below their break-up value due to the “conglomerate discount.” A potential pitfall of this tactic is that a quick sale of prized assets may fetch a price far below what they are actually worth.

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