National Association Of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU)


What is the NAFCU and what does it do

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions is a trade association that represents the interests of federally insured credit unions in the United States. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the NAFCU has over 3,000 member credit unions with more than 20 million members. The NAFCU provides advocacy, educational resources, and business solutions for its members. In addition, the NAFCU works to promote the growth and stability of the credit union industry. The organization also offers a range of products and services, including insurance and investment options, to help credit unions meet the needs of their members. The NAFCU is committed to helping credit unions serve their communities and provide access to quality financial products and services.

The benefits of being a member of the NAFCU

As a member of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), you have access to a wide range of benefits that can help you manage your finances and grow your credit union. NAFCU members receive exclusive discounts on products and services, access to NAFCU-sponsored training and events, and regular updates on the latest industry news. In addition, NAFCU members have the opportunity to network with other credit union professionals and share best practices. As a result, membership in the NAFCU provides a valuable resource for credit union managers and staff.

How to join the NAFCU

The National Association for Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) is the leading trade association for federal credit unions. Credit unions are cooperatives owned by their members and operated for the benefit of all. NAFCU promotes the success of its members through advocacy, education, and compliance assistance. Anyone can join a credit union, and membership is open to all who share the common bond of membership in a particular credit union. To join NAFCU, simply fill out an application and pay the required dues. Benefits of membership include access to exclusive resources and discounts, as well as the ability to participate in NAFCU’s advocacy efforts. By joining NAFCU, you’ll be supporting the Credit Union movement and helping to ensure its continued success.

What services the NAFCU offers its members

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) is a trade association that represents the interests of federal credit unions. NAFCU members benefit from a variety of services, including advocacy, compliance assistance, educational resources, and networking opportunities. NAFCU’s advocacy efforts ensure that federal credit unions have a seat at the table when legislative and regulatory decisions are being made. Compliance assistance helps credit unions navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Educational resources provide credit union staff with the knowledge they need to effectively serve their members. Finally, networking opportunities allow credit union professionals to connect with peers and share best practices. Together, these services create a strong foundation for federal credit unions to thrive.

How the NAFCU helps protect consumers’ finances

The association is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of federally-insured credit unions. NAFCU’s mission is to protect and enhance the health of the credit union industry. One way NAFCU furthers this mission is by advocating on behalf of credit unions and their members at the federal level. This allows NAFCU to fight for laws and regulations that benefit consumers and help protect their finances. In addition, NAFCU provides educational resources and guidance to credit unions so they can better serve their members. By working to ensure that credit unions are strong and compliant with consumer protection laws, NAFCU helps to safeguard consumers’ finances.