Momentum Wi-Fi Video Camera Walmart Won’t Connect Issue

Hey folks, this is an unrelated blog post to what I normally write, just wanted to put this out on the internet to help others who might be having the same problems…

If you are trying to connect your new Momentum wi-fi cameras but aren’t having any luck, here are a couple of potential issues you might want to check...

Are you connecting to a 2.4GHz network? The cameras do not seem to want to connect to a 5GHz network and, in fact, might not be capable of it. If you have a dual-band system, you might need to make sure you connect to the 2.4GHz.

Does your router support UPnP? If you use AT&T U-verse like me, it doesn’t. This means you need to set up port forwarding.

Importantly, you need to set up Port-Forwarding for the device you are using to set up the camera, not just the cameras themselves. The port in question is 8001 (which you would only discover if you look at one of the screenshots from the little manual provided). Use your router admin to forward port 8001 and you should be good to go.

Set up in a strong-signal area, then move it to a weaker signal area. It seems to demand a high quality signal for the setup process, but is more lenient after that.

Hope this helps!

Update: The newer versions of the Momentum cameras work significantly better. I now have 6 of the new ones and haven't had any difficulty.

Q&A About Momentum Wi-Fi Video Camera Walmart Won’t Connect Issue

How do I connect my momentum camera to WiFi?

Follow the instructions provided by connecting first to the momentum camera wifi and then using the app to tell the camera what your home wifi name and password is.

Why won't my momentum camera connect?

If your camera is having connection issues, most of the time a camera reset will fix the issue. To reset your Momentum Camera, hold the Reset button on the back of the camera for 5 seconds.

How do I connect my wireless camera to my phone?

Turn on your VR camera.Check if your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi.On your Android phone, open the VR180 app .If you haven't already, connect your camera to the app.Tap More. Settings.Choose the camera you want to connect.Tap Connect to WiFi.Select your Wi-Fi network.More items...

Can you use momentum camera on PC?

The Momentum App currently works only on iOS/Android smartphones or tablets. Support for desktop devices is not currently offered.

How do you reset a momentum camera?

To reset your Momentum Camera, hold the Reset button on the back of the camera for 5 seconds. During the reset sequence, the LED indicator light on the front of the camera will first display a solid red, then blinking red and blue. The camera will then be ready to pair again.

Why does my security camera say offline?

There are several reasons why your camera may be offline, including a depleted battery, high bandwidth usage, updated router settings, or wireless interference. The camera is designed to automatically re-connect once there is internet available.Aug 22, 2019

How do I connect my momentum camera to WIFI?

How do I update my momentum camera?

Step 1 Confirm your camera matches the picture shown.Step 2 Download the new firmware from the link below. ... Step 3 Upload the file onto a microSD card. ... Step 4 Unplug your camera and insert the microSD card from Step 3.More items...

How do I connect my momentum camera to my phone?

You connect by creating an account at the momentum website, downloading the app, and then attaching devices to the account.

Is the momentum app free?

Yes. Try a Momentum Capture video storage plan free for 1 month! Just set up your Momentum camera to get started. If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase, unless you are offered and are eligible for a free trial.

Why is my momentum camera offline?

Your camera may lose connection with our servers or the internet on some occasions. The camera is designed to automatically reconnect once there is internet available. ... If the camera is still offline, there may be a problem with your home network. You can reset your home router and/or modem.

How do I reconnect my camera to WiFi?

Turn on your VR camera.Check if your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi.On your Android phone, open the VR180 app .If you haven't already, connect your camera to the app.Tap More. Settings.Choose the camera you want to connect.Tap Connect to WiFi.Select your Wi-Fi network.More items...

Who makes the best outdoor security cameras?

Momentum cameras, while perhaps not the most powerful, are very affordable outdoor security cameras that anyone can set up.

What is the best cheap outdoor security camera?

Momentum has the best priced outdoor security cameras.

How can I hide my momentum camera?

Hiding inside another object works best. For example, a fake speaker with a small hole cut in the the speaker fabric can work well.

Do all outdoor security cameras have to be plugged in?

All security cameras need the power to work. Wireless does NOT mean no wire, and the wired camera does NOT necessarily lead to hard wiring!

How do you connect momentum camera?

Follow the instructions provided with the camera. Download the app, create an account, and follow the attach-a-device steps.

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got the same camera but it wont let me portforward on my phone and it just wont work wasted 40 bucks if u happen to have a step by step that u used to get it working would love to hear it so i can try it befor i end up having to return this camera and spend twice as much on a step up from it i keep getting error wen it tries to connect to wifi after i scan qr code it starts connecting the password i entered is correct but it always times out and wont connect

I have one momentum camera that works great. Just got three more and am having trouble getting the other one to get set up. If anyone can give me some help with my problem that would be great.

maybe – perhaps the night vision isnt kicking in because it is just light enough

Don’t know what the heck port forwarding is. Tried both methods of connecting to my router guess it will be going back to Wallmart tomorrow. Looked like a good deal though. there was no indication in the material about specific network requirements.

Can I sto it from beeing I don’t want anyone to know its there there hidden also can’t connect in bedroom but ring well in living room

I bought some of these used from a friend and it won’t let me connect. it says its already connected to his cloud account. anyone know how to remove it from his cloud or reset it to where i can connect it to mine?

Just got a momentum camera and the video lags I have a strong connection to wifi but the video shows about 15 seconds later and the body freezes. Any help?

Can’t get my momentum Cameron’s to work. I put in the WiFi and password to connect then scanned the scan of each light but won’t work. Can someone help me? Thank you.

You must use the 2.4 GHz wifi and the SSID must be visible. It will not connect when the SSID is hidden. I don’t like turning on the visibility of SSID. I have AT&T internet and their modem/router. I don’t use their old tech “G”router and disabled the wireless. I connect one of the ports to my Asus router and set up the Asus as an Access Point router.

It connected but now it dropped off line and wont let me access it. Its saying”your camera is off line”. What do i do?

anyone find sections of video that is distorted and has a blue hue and it switches from black and white to color.
any help is greatly appreciated.

Wasted 40 bucks and 3 hours. Better to buy something that work rather than crappie. I think it may be the update to the app they did, either way it was returned and I will never buy again from that manufacturer. Good luck to those who have bought or are trying to connect.

Using multiple Momentum Cams, new not staying connected. SOLVED. It seems the stock settings cause a conflict when setting up multiple cameras on the same wifi network.

After setting up each cam, in the “Network Settings” for the cam, set an IP manually and set a port manually. (It is important to do this for each cam before you add a new one.)
I’d recommend using a series for IP and Port (ie. port 8051, port 8052

Iblost the password and my 4yr old tore off the bar code how do i still connect to my phone

Annette – Tried mine by a window. Seemed to just reflect the infra red. Also just had the 4 dots on the screen

I wish I could view mine with my PC. I tried iSpy but maybe I didn’t have some settings right. Any Ideas?

I recently purchase the Momentum mocam 3 pack from Wally World. I am trying to connect them to my local security software I have installed. I can reach it by http but asks me for a username and password. Does anyone out here know the devices local generic account information? I found a site that user admin and admin but did not work. I have tried other combinations with no result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i had mine working fine but i changed my router and now all 3 no longer work. I cant get it to connect at all along with my samsung smart tv. FML

Mine worked great untill they pushed out an upgrade and hasn’t worked since. At first it would start loosing connection then just dropped off and I couldn’t get it back.

It connect to my internet but it gives me a notification. When i go in to the app and touch message there are videos they all say momemtum i touch the video but an error shows up saying i cant see the video the server is analyzing. Can anyone tell me how to make it work

@Katherine We have 2 cameras hooked up and they bounce from black n white/grey to color. The cameras arent as great as we had hoped for… But at least they are a deterrent for our neighborhood thieves. We bought a 3-pack set after a jackass stole our cans and bottles bin off our porch, and ditched the bin down the road, but the police wouldn’t do anything about it, because no hard evidence beyond the bin being empty and in a different yard… At least we feel more safe in our home now.

I hate that we have to pay for recording service — for each camera, at that!! 🙁 They don’t tell you that before you buy it.

To be honest I was very surprised at the ease of set and pic quality from these little cheap security cameras I bought on a whim. They worked better than higher end cameras I’d tried in the past and found to be a pain in the butt to get and stay connected to. . Upon getting two cameras color went out on one but came back on next day. Storage if not on the mini SD card is very reasonable I thought. But it’s temporary storage which I didn’t know until I needed something I’d stored away and found that it was missing. They are for sure a great buy and any one even grandma can set it up in minutes as long as wifi is available..
here’s the thing that shocked me. I set the cameras up and got busy. I had three cameras outside and two inside. I had to leave town for a month. Winter came while I was away from home And it rained and rained and rained. I feared my cameras doomed. Guess what? Cameras ok fine. If they get too wet like one of mine did I just opened it up and stuck it in a paper bag with rice in it. You can feel there’s water in it so instead of frying it making it useless just rice and paper bag trick it first and the water gets sucked up by the white rice. All three of mine work great still.

I don’t know why people say they’re cheap and no good. I think they are wonderful cameras and I got three for just under 100. I will admit I didn’t think it was going to be a camera I love like I do now. And I had a camera I paid 250.00 for that lasted maybe 3 months during a summer. So how long would cameras ranging 30-40 per camera last? Thinking like a month. SURPRISE!!!! I have momentum camera that I’ve had a year now. I got it for a Xmas gift. Not any problems ever. I love talking to my pets through my camera when I’m away and I catch them doing bad things on camera. They all stop stare and look for me everywhere. It’s funny. For a second I get to know what God feels like when speaking to his people! LOL,

I can’t get mine to connect to the wifi. I get “password error”. The wifi password is correct, but still won’t connect.

I got these cam from a friend an the ph that was hook up to still on when I go to set it all up it says ‘tip this number still something an won’t let me do nothn

Mine are missing time, shows when motion was detected but says no recording and at other times says server analyzing. When they work, they are great. Today, my cat went missing. There is two hours where there is no recording. How do I fix these things?

I bought a camera at a garage sale and they said it was reset. But in fact when I scanned and picked it up it is still registered to another phone number. What can I do?

Have had the camera for a while but now when I try to turn on with my phone it says loading fail please swipe down to refresh I have done this and still no loading

Pay extra for better camera, I have had 1 for about year and half. It worked great, the cloud service has been pretty lame. Before I had Belkin and it worked better with better cloud service. Back then they where $100 bucks. Now I saw them for $59. What’s that saying, “you get what you pay for.”

<a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Maggie McSpadden</a>says:

Anyone have the old Momentum camera & app and just today I bought a newer one that looks different assuming it was an upgraded model –and guess what it uses a whole other Momentum app! Now there’s two. and The upgrades I noticed are that the picture quality seems sharper, it now has a different look to the camera, base is smaller, has a SD card port option now, works on a whole new momentum app that is compatible with Nest cameras and charger is different. I hope this saves someone time because I had to figure it out the hard way lol!

Have about 6 of these cameras and they work great! Had to get a new phone and went to put the app back in, it says the cameras are already installed, but will not let me view the cameras. Tried calling tech support twice, what a joke!! I was on hold both times for over 20 mins. I seriously doubt they are that busy!!! Tried to e-mail, they will get back with you in 2 days… I seriously doubt that!


So frustating i bought one and it works fine, so i bought two more and i cant add them because they hookup through the M spp and the one works on another spp . I guess i will have to take mine back adwell .

My camera stopped working when i changed my phone number and now no one in customer service wants to help me. I was happy with my camera i was even paying my I Cloud.

I have 3 momentum webcams 2 are fine the 3rd is showing live feed but the screen is black I cannot reset it b/c I am out of state is there anyway to fix it from afar

Andy you have to reset camera Before you set it up use a small paper clip stick end into rest hole on back of camera hold for count to twenty five camera will beep when red light flashes camera is reset

WiFi password is incorrect you have to turn on the WiFi on your phone first and connect to you modem on your phone then type password on camera set up

how do you port forward to 8001? you can’t just simply say forward your port to 8001 and give no instructions on how to do it.

I hooked one momentum camera up and it took me two days but it finally works , so I went back to Walmart to get two more , I bought them and thought they were identical, nope and they neither one will work and Walmart won’t let me trade them for the right ones, so I’m out eighty dollars, I’m so mad.

Mine keeps blinking a blue and red light won’t connect, tried it manually and tried scanning it when i scanned it said my device didn’t exist?? Well I’m sitting here looking at it, what the heck?

Scanning didn’t work, so manually put the alphanumeric code. Tried connecting but got “Camera Not Found, An error occurred.”
I tried three times. No luck. Dj

I just. Ought 2 cameras and I was told piece of cake even your grandma can do it. I told him that’s impossible my gramothers are dead. Anyways I went through all the steps and now my phone cannot find either cameras. Why is this such a big problem. I’m not to good with the new phones. But I’m good at following instructions it just won’t let me connect to my phone why why why

When it asks to give it a name some 10008 or 10009 code comes up??? What the f*** it that I got a new router and now I can not connect

Can anyone offer some step by step troubleshooting advice? I’m attempting to connect to my 2.4GHz network, yet i keep getting a message saying that an error occurred and the cameras can’t be found.

Lots if issues / questions but anyone getting answers? Anyone changed to a different brand and having good luck?

Mine won’t connect to wifi if keeps saying error even when I must of put in the correct password 250 times today! I’m so pissed and all I wanted was a camera that worked not spend hours on it trying to get it to work! I’m disgusted!

This camera is junk bought two from two different stores both read the same thing paired to another device. Call customer service twice wife two hours me a hour half and then they answer that’s bull s . They tell me to get a picture of the box it came in and a receipt wth just bought it from the store. So now I have to prove myself on a device I bought and wait again for them to release the device don’t get that but whatever. If I have to wait for an email from them probably will never get. Customer service was rude and absolutely no help a consumer should not have to go through this. Needless to say it’s going back on the third time and not going with this company at all. And will be telling everyone I know to stay away and spend a little more . Get what you pay for never again!!

My camera is not working I followed all the directions and get it up and running however, it still is not working can you please provide me with the new camera

I had trouble setting it up found out the name on the back was wrong all the letter in the code device Eli name all were printed small letters the burst on mine was capital.tried meney way to set it up I had just let my phone capitalizethe first letter and it set just fine .

I have to say these cameras are one of the worse products I have ever bought. They are going down constantly. Very un-reliable and they get hot enough to cook breakfast on.

I had to buy three last in the store Momentum IP cameras.
Two of them gave me hard time to setup and I returned them back to store.
Those two were open box items which gave me an idea –they locked to somebodies accounts already.
The third camera and two more I Bought some times later were never open box or returned items.
I am writing this in two month from Installation which was quick and easy.
I love this cameras for picture quality, bells and whistles.
They working now and I hope for long time.

My camera won’t connect to the WiFi which In turn the app won’t recognize it. I have mediacom and they say I need to get the start port end port and target port to add to their approval list! So much for easy setup. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!

I got two Monentum cameras for mother’s day. These cameras proved awful. They constantly freeze and disconnect. My advice dont waste your time or money.

I had to delete the app but now my cameras won’t work I try to set them up and it say already added how do I get them to work I have an iPhone

Garbage. Compete garbage. Save your mf money and don’t buy this bs. Worked for a week or two. Then stopped being able to connect. Now it’s a paper weight. The company blows the product sucks. Fuck momentum .

I have a momentum cam, but won’t connect. I saw someone say “worked, u till they rolled out the new update”, seems about right.
MiNE turns on, but just blinks red. It never blinks blue. Tried resetting many times didn’t work, and no info online search g about this prob.
In the app it says it won’t connect .
So frustrated.
Any one having same prob with no blue light coming on?

How can I just delete my account and everything? Once I try to pair is says camera is already connected to an account. I can’t even get to selecting my wifi.

Ok folks… after 3 hours of failure I finally achieved success! Here is my fix

The router has 2 access points…. one at 2.4 g and one at 5g. Notice on your router that these are listed on the back sticker and will have very similar names…. usually a number.

When attempting to connect, my phone would connect to one while the camera connected to the other one…. Names of access points were the same and the camera kept choosing the wrong one.

Fix….. Go into the router settings and set a different name and password for the 2.5 as well as a completely different name and password for the 5 gig as well. Now they look totally different to both devices.

Then reset the camera with the button on the camera….

Then … plug your camera directly into the router by way of the usb cable…. let it stay connected until the lights finally begin flashing blue and off. This tells you that it is now connecting to your router under the new name you have created. Then once done, you can move your camera t its desired location.

Finally pair as directed, making sure to follow the remaining instructions.

My camera give me a message every two minutes to go back to the dashboard or hit the button within nine seconds or my feed will be turned off

Don’t give up yet!

2 of my 3 cameras stopped working and found out Momentum sight says to reload software on camera and it worked!

Went on Help screen of, downloaded the new software from the red alert box to my Mac PC (to download new software on a microsd card with 4-5 easy how-to steps) and the cameras are both back up and running. Also one power plug isn’t working well. Tested it by using another power cord and camera came right up. Yay!

Also, comparing my experience for the past year of Momentum to the reviews of other cameras these are amazingly good little inexpensive cameras.

CAMERAS REDLECTING OFF WINDOW? Saw a couple of complaints about this. I had same problem. I use one looking outside covering the back door and one running on a window sill looking out to the front porch. I carefully popped off the black plastic outer ring and wrapped it in foil. Voila! Now they also stay on later at night and come on earlier with the sunrise.

Sorry I ment it says it’s already connected to another account and I can’t get a hold of the guy I bought it from so now am I put 35 bucks or is there a way to delete it off the account

What the heck are you talking about port forwarding??!! I have followed the instructions and it will never connect to the camera after I enter in the wifi password. Help!

Bought a momentum camera and got it all set up and working great when I was home. Now I’m at work, and I want to see the Cam in live view but it keeps loading and won’t connect to live view. Someone please help me figure it out.

I have one. I always have to either reinstall it or sign in or out again or restart machine. Once I have it onscreen and or go out of app or the screen times out, i have to do this. It wont just go right to live view again. Not very satisfied with it.

I have a SD card for my momentum camera and it has not recorded any activity in about 2 weeks what’s the problem how can I get it to record on my SD card or do I have to pay for them too monitor it

My momentum as been connected for awhile I have 2 and know I deleted 1 and can’t get it connected back, any help please and thanks..

I have removed and reinstalled the APP on my Iphone a couple times due to the location being China and won’t let me change it to US. I have a feeling that I have been hacked but don’t know how to get ride of the hack. Must be somewhere else on my phone that keeps getting back into my APP and screwing things up. Anyone else experience this issue? Would like some feedback.

The very first camera works good. The second one however is not working. Going to. Take it back. Get another one. Otherwise works. Great Love it

I need to know how to how to set up this camera to my wifi smart
TV, The wifi does work on my phone, however I need it to work
on my TV as well.
Please let me know the instructions I need to do that

Thank You Kindly

My sound stopped working and I see no button for it anyway. Mic let’s you talk but i am soying

My camera was fine , got decent picture for the price , had it for s year and now it’s getting camera offline error that many many others are getting.
To anyone trying to face out the window , it can’t see out because of the IT lights , I’ve put mine outside , just make sure the info on the back is protected from moisture.
I was going to buy some more cameras but not until they fix this issue of not being able to connect. Also tried logging in from another device which I’ve done time and time again , and you can’t click sign in or create account. Going to let it sit for awhile since it is set to auto connect , hopefully that part will at least work until they FIX THIS ISSUE NOW , thank you very much

loved it but then after 9 months it quit connecting and wont let me log in w it??? got password code and reset password- still won’t let me log in – states account or password are wrong yet it found my account to give me a code???
Not sure what to do at this point?

So I bought this the camera used
Says it’s already paired
I think the guy knew it was stolen cause he stopped returning my phn calls
Is there a way to find out if it’s stolen
If it is I’ll turn the guy in
I hate thefts

Is anyone able to view camera live feeds via cellular signal while out and about? App just shows spinning when i click on camera

I got all set up. Got picture but no sound..? Need help. Turn the media up on my phone and media. Worked at time of installation.


I can’t get mine to do anything. Says searching for my camera and that is it. I am taking it back. Total waste of time!

I had loads of trouble getting my cam to connect, and after hours of tinkering, I discovered that it is case sensitive. I used all caps and it worked. I wish Momentum warned me in the instructions about case sensitivity.

Changed router and now 2 out of the 4 won’t connect!!!! Grrrrr!!! FML!!!!IS correct! Tried both apps for momentum and niether will pick up the signal. Tried resetting them and got the voice command but still nothing!! Frustrating!!!

Having trouble connecting to wifi. Keeps saying incorrect password, but I checked with my cable company and it is correct..Getting frustrated with it…

Showing steady red light in camera. Can not connect.

Hi! I had four mo-cams for a few years but two are getting pretty beat up and struggling. Will the newer cori momentum hd cams work on my app with my old ones, as my app supports up to four cams. Love these. Once you get the hang of them they’re terrific. I have used a phone, tablet and android box hooked to a computer monitor. Even chrome casted them to my big screen! And im a 40yr old technology illiterate mom lol.

@ Benjamin W.
I use the cams while im out with my smartphones data yes. I often turn on the app, go to the room my husband and son are in and turn on the microphone and have a conversation. I see them and we can have a two way conversation. Its nice. Best Regards. Hope this helped.

I have not been able to get anyone to contact me from momentum in over a week now phone number is down it says and put in 4 trouble tickets and nothing. IS THIS COMPANY EVEN IN BUSINESS ANYMORE OR ARE THEY JUST TAKING MY MONEY.

I bought the camera used and now it doesnt let me pair. It says its already been paired to an account. How do I reove this?

I had the same problem after my router bit the dust and had to be replaced. It took me 2 days to figure it out. I wish I would have had the foresight to write things down but when you go into WiFi settings you will see a network starting with the letters “MOX”.
Connect your 1st camera to that network. I renamed my cameras as a precaution. After that first connection, all others connected to the 2.4 g network. Hope this helps.

Both cameras were working but when decided to set some rules I could not do so.
So I decided to use the ship…. if was a mistake. Now I am really mix up.
I took the ships out and now I cant reset the cameras.

I neeed to start all over againg. Very frustred.
Some times the camera doesn’t record people outside at all.

I guess we got what we paid for $60.00 waisted . I even e-mailed the company and no response ….I will never buy anything from this company again….

Bout two cameras from Walmart. Someone must’ve had them and returned them. Wont pair. Says the camera is already paired to an account. Saw other posts saying the same thing…with NO RESOLUTION

After reading the comments about the issues people are having with their Momentum WiFi Cameras, I can clearly see that most of the issues are due to operator ignorance and stupidity. Perhaps 5% of these issues are due to faulty software or equipment. This brings me to something that must not be ignored. The type of reasoning and questioning that is occurring in this forum is an indication of what will be the downfall of the human race. I strongly advise anyone who sees this to read the following excerpt. It applies to nearly everyone who has posted a question or blatantly stupid statement:

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There is much to be said for being a “jack of all trades”, as it suggests that your knowledge is not limited to a few subjects. Humans have the ability to retain extensive knowledge in hundreds of different disciplines, yet it seems that most people today are completely ignorant of how things work, even things that they use on an everyday basis. They may have knowledge of a trade or technology which relates to their career or “job”, but beyond that, ignorance pervades every facet of their lives.

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Drop your preconceived beliefs, and guide your actions using the knowledge you’ve gathered through experience, instead of making decisions based upon unfounded beliefs, stories, or any means other than direct experience.

Truth is only revealed through direct experience. If you haven’t experienced something for yourself but you accept it as truth, you are going down a dangerous path. Even if someone has told you something which seems to be unequivocally true, don’t treat it as actual truth. Have the intelligence to realize that all you truly know is what you’ve directly experienced in your own life. Blind beliefs have caused more human suffering than any natural occurrence.

“Know what you don’t know…” Never be afraid to admit that some things simply cannot be truly known, except for that which you have experienced first hand.

Out of my two devices , one is grayed out can’t do anything with it and says camera is off line. I’ve tried everything. The other is up and running and works perfect

I bought the cameras, and once I got home I’ve realized it was a returned item pair with other account, It took me 2 days to come get it to pair, but after that all I got is offline. there is no much troubleshooting I can do in the camera itself and their customer support is really bad. I will have to return it, and try a different brand.

I cant get mine to connect to tablet or phone. Do u have to have it connected to regular WiFi or can u connect off of tablets WiFi because I don’t have regular wifi

My momentum cameras keep on showing up on my phone constantly how can I stop that and sometimes they record sometimes they don’t I am not pleased with them at all

the app keeps on showing up on my phone every 3 minutes. It’s very annoying Dale record sometimes and sometimes it won’t I am very not pleased with these cameras at all I have four of them

i cannot connect with this camera and you folks won’t recognize it either. serial #sy1605000953 manufactered may2016. hardly used and in the box for 2 years

Momentum camera stopped working. Hired BizACT and someone came and fixed everything. All the cameras work now on both wifi and over cell phone internet.

Sorry folks, BizACT only services Silicon Valley area, and Bay Area in north California.

my momentum camera works great on my phone but would not work on my computer. the program sucks couldnt get past the “lets get started” screen it kicks me out. so heres how i got things to work for me. make computer and phone on same network. use phone app to restart camera. shut down app and disconnect phone from wifi. start app on computer. go to main screen where it says “activity” “rules” and “add” hit add. even tho my camera was set up on mycomputer it didnt show up butwhen hit add it poped up and connected just like i was using my phone.may not work for you but it did for me

my momentum camera works great on my phone but would not work on my computer. the program sucks couldnt get past the “lets get started” screen it kicks me out. so heres how i got things to work for me. make sure computer and phone are on same network. use phone app to restart camera. shut down app and disconnect phone from wifi. start app on computer. go to main screen where it says “activity” “rules” and “add” hit add. even tho my camera was set up on my computer it didnt show up but when i hit add it poped up and connected just like i was using my phone. may not work for you but it did for me

Answer to the question is as follows, Your Router, Or Wifi In general, Is likely , Ipv6 or up to a 5.0 wireless connection, neither of which the camera will work with, It says its connected, I was even able to get a picture for about 1-2 seconds before my app proceeded to crash over and over. And For you Winston, you look like the biggest moron of all, Because your not a internet tech, nor do you really understand why all these people are having this issue. But if you actually understand how to read. maybe you’ll understand your a douche, and you were wrong, Also, don’t buy this product its outdated tech, and it just doesn’t work unless you have old interwebs and a old router, or old phone. Avoid their junk

Wow Winston h Cunningham you posted that long ass comment for what? To pat yourself on the back? I’m pretty good with electronics and such. I bought 2 of these cameras about 2 months ago, the first one worked fine, the second one gave me issues always saying “device offline” it started working again on its own, and then… It stopped again. Now I can’t get either of them to connect. Nothing has been changed from when it worked to when it randomly decided to stop working. Haven’t been able to find a sure fire way to fix it, either. Nothing in your long, drawn out ramble was of any value to anyone here.

I recently bought the momentum robbi and it works great on my hubbys phone but I cannot pair it with my iPhone 8 I had so much trouble. Got up to the part where it says to enter my wifi info but when I do it does not let me press the connect button. That’s as far as it goes but on my hubby’s Samsung 10 it had no problem. I don’t know if it’s just having problems with the iPhone but I have a feeling I need to switch phones ASAP. I don’t know if anyone else has had a problem like mine. I tried calling the customer service number but they are closed at the moment. Has any one had luck connecting it with an iPhone?

I have 2 of the Momentum cameras. They’ve worked rather well until New Years Eve. I’ve emailed and called the support line numerous times. After over a month, they claim the issues have been resolved. But now even after setting the sensitivity to low, I get notifications for every little bit of noise, including the TV being on low. I have reset & done everything possible to resolve this myself. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Tweets, I had the same problem. Momentum decided to update their firmware and somehow messed everything up. On their website should be a fix showing you how to download a file to put on your SD card. BUT, this only lets me reset. I still cannot get it to pair the device to my account. I hope it’s just me. Here’s the link for the firmware:

I was able to do firmware and reconnect my Axel cam, but both Cori cams just won’t. Yes, on 2.4, yes to ALL possible issues that aren’t THEIR fault. Nice job pushing out a firmware update that doesn’t work, guys. Just stellar work.

My camera won’t reset either. I was just using it, unplugged it to move. It keeps reverting to China time zone and wont reset but shows connected but I can’t see.

any idea what the IP address is Momentum is impossible to get in touch with on these robbi cameras
also I need both ports in the roter app the triggering port

I’m having the same issues with connectivity after updating the firmware. I am unable to successfully connect to the “hotspot”

I’m having issues resetting my 2nd camera, I’ve tried over and over to connect to WiFi etc. My question is if I delete the 2nd camera from my account and restart it, will it work again possibly? Thank you in advance.

momentum robbi cam new firmware 09/15/2020, this new update stopped both robbi cams, it shows no feed and the red light neve turns blue, i’ve done everything and still nothing.

I’m trying to set up my axel momentum to my phone, when I connect to the axel network, it says connected without internet and won’t go any further.

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