Mac Crawford

What is ‘Mac Crawford’

Former CEO, president and chairman of Nashville-based Caremark, a mail-order pharmaceutical and pharmacy benefits management company. In 1997, Mac Crawford became president and CEO of physician-practice management company MedPartners. When he joined MedPartners, it was struggling with operating losses and a high level of debt. It sold most of its physician-practice management companies to focus on pharmacy benefits management and changed its name to Caremark.

In 1998, Crawford became the company’s CEO, president and chairman. He increased Caremark’s revenues, paid off its debt and helped it acquire rival AdvancePCS. In 2007, Caremark merged with pharmacy CVS to become the Fortune 20 company CVSCaremark.

After leaving Caremark, Crawford became the co-founder and principal in 2008 of CrawfordSpalding Group, a business advisory and management services company whose services are based on Crawford’s experience in turning around struggling companies.

Explaining ‘Mac Crawford’

Born in 1949, Crawford earned his bachelor of science degree in accounting from Auburn University and began his career as an accountant with Arthur Young & Co. in 1971. He joined GTI in 1981 as its CFO, became CFO of Oxylance in 1985, became president of Mulberry Street Investment Company in 1986 and later became chairman, CEO and president of Charter Medical Corp., which he helped rescue from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In 1995, Crawford became chairman, CEO and president of Magellan Health Services when Charter purchased Magellan and took its name.

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