Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLS) .KL

What is ‘Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLS) .KL’

The former name for what became the Bursa Malaysia in 2004, the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange was established in 1976. Its precursors were the Singapore Stockbrokers’ Association, which was established in 1930 and went through several name changes over the years. Its main index is the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index.

Explaining ‘Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLS) .KL’

Bursa Malaysia was demutualized and became an exchange holding company with publicly traded shares in 2004. Its traded securities include stocks, bonds, derivatives and ETFs. It has a fully automated trading system launched in late 2008 and is one of the larger securities exchanges in Asia with around 1,000 listed companies.

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