John G. Drosdick

What is ‘John G. Drosdick’

A former chairman, CEO and president of petroleum company Sunoco. Drosdick led Sunoco to acquire nearly 300 gas stations and purchase a chemical company and a refinery; the company also shut down several of its facilities during his tenure. Drosdick became Sunoco’s chairman, CEO and president in 2000 and he retired at the end of 2008.

Explaining ‘John G. Drosdick’

Born in 1943 in Pennsylvania, Drosdick earned his master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 1968. He began his career as an engineer with Exxon that same year. In 1983 he joined Tosco Corp. as its vice president of refining, eventually becoming CEO and president in 1989. He then worked as president and COO at Ultramar, Sun Company and Sunoco (formerly Sun).

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