Is It A Safe Investment Right Now To Invest In A Race Horse?

There are few more exciting sports to be involved in than horse racing, with owners made to feel extremely important when heading to the track to watch their runners line up in a competitive race.

However, investing in racehorses can often be extremely expensive, with some of the best runners costing millions to buy from an early age. Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that the horse will be a success on the track, as every purchase comes as a gamble, regardless of the success of the sires and dams that are connected to the horse.

However, it is an excellent way to raise excitement by getting involved in the sport, as nothing comes close to seeing your runner up close before they head to the track. But, is it is a safe investment to purchase a racehorse?

History of Racehorse Ownership

Owning racehorses dates back throughout the history of the sport, with the first registered purchases coming back in the 1600s when racing was first staged in New York. However, the goal of the horse was slightly different in those early years of the sport, as races focused on stamina over a longer distance rather than the speed of runners over a shorter distance as they do today.

A key difference back in the early history of the sport was the fact that most of the races were matches, meaning that the big fields that we typically see in races such as the Kentucky Derby were not as common. Horses during the early history would have been much less expensive than they are in this current era, with the modern day racehorse likely to cost millions if they have a desired bloodline.

Famous Racehorse Owners

There hasn’t been much change in terms of historic ownership of horses when going through history, as some of the most famous owners from 50 years remain as involved in the sport in this modern day. One of the most famous owners in the history of the sport remains the British Royal Family, with Queen Elizabeth being one of the biggest supporters of the sport throughout her reign.

She regularly attended Royal Ascot for the five-day meeting, and there were concerns surrounding whether the royal interest would remain following her passing in 2022. However, there has been early signs that King Charles is following in her footsteps, as he was a welcome visitor at Royal Ascot on a number of days in 2023.

The King also had his first winner at the royal meet during the event, as he and Camilla were spotted getting involved in the action before cheering on their runner from the royal box. However, the long wait for a Royal Classic winner in the United Kingdom has continued, and that would be a welcome sight for fans of the sport across the world in 2024.

Is Racehorse Ownership A Safe Investment?

At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a safe investment, and that is especially the case when it comes to owning a racehorse. Ownership of racehorses should only be pursued if you’re a massive fan of the sport, as there is no guarantee that you will win back the money in prize funds after making your investment.

However, it could be an exciting ride for owners that have a passion for the sport, as they will get unique access to some of the biggest yards in the country, and also have exclusive access to facilities at a racecourse available for owners that will enable them to get closer to their runners.

Owning a racehorse as a fan is incredibly entertaining, as it will entail owners to a number of badges for their runner, meaning it could be a very exciting day out for the entire family. However, there is no guarantee that a horse brought at auction for a big price will go on to win major prize money on track.

Popular Alternatives

Since owning a racehorse outright can be extremely expensive, and it could be out of the budget for many potential owners, there are a number of alternative methods that are being welcomed by fans to get involved.

If you can’t afford investing in one, perhaps betting is easier and can give you some extra income. With TwinSpires horse racing sign up bonus you can get a nice welcome incentive to start wagering.

Another of the most popular options is syndicate ownership. This is a much more affordable way to own a racehorse in this modern day, with hundreds of potential owners putting forward their money to fund the training, medical bills, and entries for their runner.

Syndicate ownership will still see owners get access to the parade ring, and they will be able to apply for membership access when their runner is entered into a race. However, unlike owning a horse outright, it could be more testing to get this access given that there will be hundreds of other members also looking for the privileges.