How Insurance Lawyers Help Maximize Your Claim

Nobody feels good after a flood or fire damages or destroys their home. A home provides physical shelter and long-term financial stability for you and your family, which is why having insurance is so vital.

But what happens after a disaster when there is a disagreement with the insurance adjuster or home insurance company about the value of the loss and what is covered? You will not want to bear this level of frustration and expenses, especially amid the unsettling and traumatic experience of being temporarily without a home.

Naturally, insurance companies are incentivized to retain as much money as possible rather than pay you. Thankfully, insurance lawyers can help negotiate your settlement and guide you through the claims process so that you can obtain from the insurance company all that your policy entitles you to.

Are Insurance Lawyers Always Necessary?

Ideally, insurance claims are minor and can be settled between the homeowner and the insurance company without issue. When the stakes are low, there isn’t much point in working hard to get a claims boost. This story changes when your home takes on significant damage, like after a flood or fire.

If you see early on that the insurance adjuster does not take your claims seriously and dismisses major parts, or is arguing about the extent of damage that has affected your home, leading insurance lawyers like Virani Law can help you get a better result. The bad faith tactics the adjuster is doing, and the larger the loss, insurance lawyers can assist you in presenting your claim and negotiating a fair result with your insurance company.

What Exactly Do Insurance Lawyers Do?

You do not want to make the mistake of assuming that buying home insurance means you can sit back and relax after a fire or flood and think your claim will be handled adequately and quickly. Insurance lawyers can review your policy to determine precisely what you are entitled to. They can also ensure the paperwork and all evidence about the extent of your loss is filed and submitted properly so the company cannot use this as an excuse to withhold payments or allege a fraudulent claim.

If your insurance adjuster’s estimate is too low, your insurance lawyer can push back so your settlement accurately reflects the costs and what you’re entitled to. Getting the paperwork submitted properly and in a timely manner can be half the battle, as failing to do so can result in a lesser settlement or even non-payment.

True, public adjusters can also help with the paperwork and negotiation of your claim, but insurance lawyers go beyond their services, working in areas the insurer has undervalued or neglected, such as vital repair work and expenses. They can hold insurance companies accountable when they try to get up to their tricks to avoid paying the full amount owed. Insurance lawyers are well versed in the case law in this area to hold insurance companies to the standards required by law.

A third party may be involved in cases where, say, the fire resulted because of a neighbour’s actions, as the insurance company may not be on the hook for those costs. An insurance lawyer can help you determine if there is a case to pursue based on the liability of the third party.

After a fire or flood, you may feel unsettled, angry, sad, and more. The last thing you’ll want to do is comb through paperwork and go back and forth with a company trying to sidestep its commitments to you. Hire a great insurance lawyer after a home disaster, and you will have a better chance of getting the full amount you’re entitled to without having to deal with all that frustration the insurance company tries to throw at you.