Dalal Street


Dalal Street in downtown Mumbai, India is the address of the Bombay Stock Exchange and several related financial firms and institutions. When Bombay Stock Exchange was moved to this new location at the intersection of Bombay Samāchār Marg and Hammam Street, the street next to the building was renamed as Dalal Street. The Marathi word ‘ means “a broker”, “a go-between”. Similar to Wall Street in the New York City, it is often used as a metonym for the entire Indian financial establishment.

Dalal Street

What is ‘Dalal Street’

A term that refers to the Bombay Stock Exchange, the major stock exchange in India. The street is home not only the Bombay Stock Exchange but also a large number of other financial institutions.

Explaining ‘Dalal Street’

The term “Dalal Street” is used in the same way as “Wall Street” in the U.S., referring to the country’s major stock exchanges and overall financial system. These terms are often seen in the financial media.

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