Back Door Listing

What is 'Back Door Listing'

A strategy of going public used by a company that fails to meet the criteria for listing on a stock exchange. To get onto the exchange, the company desiring to go public acquires an already listed company.

Explaining 'Back Door Listing'

Believe it or not, purchasing a public company can be a cost-effective way for some firms to go public.

Further Reading

[معلومات الإصدار] [[معلومات الإصدار]' href='https:/'>PDF]
… the issue of why private firms choose to go public through the backdoor rather than the front door, a sample … starting in 1999, backdoor listing activity increased on the asX … during the last year (2007), the number of transactions dropped back to seven, which is similar to pre- 1999 … ‏

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