An Overview of NFL Players’ Charity Work

NFL players required to do charity work

In recent years, the National Football League (NFL) has been the subject of intense scrutiny when it comes to the issue of player safety. However, one thing that often gets overlooked is the amount of charity work that many NFL players do on a regular basis.

Despite what some people might think, NFL players are not required to do charity work. However, many players choose to use their platform and their voices to give back to the communities that have supported them throughout their careers.

Are NFL players required to do charity work

The National Football League does not currently have a requirement for players to participate in charity work. However, many teams encourage their players to give back to the community and provide opportunities for them to do so.

In addition, the NFL supports several philanthropic initiatives such as PLAY 60, which promotes staying active and healthy lifestyles among youth, and the Inspire Change social justice program. In fact, each team must set aside a portion of their salary cap specifically for charitable endeavors.

While not all players choose to dedicate their time and resources to philanthropy, those who do often make a significant impact on the communities they serve. Ultimately, whether or not NFL players are required to engage in charity work, many still find meaningful ways to contribute and make a positive difference.

Drew Brees and the Brees Dream Foundation

One high-profile example of an NFL player who is heavily involved in charity work is New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees is the founder of the Brees Dream Foundation, which is “committed to improving the quality of life for cancer patients and providing care and opportunities for families in need.” In addition to hosting several fundraising events each year, the foundation also provides support for families who are struggling financially due to a cancer diagnosis.

The work that the Brees Dream Foundation does has been particularly important in recent months as many families have been struggling to make ends meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, Brees announced that his foundation would be donating $5 million to help COVID-19 relief efforts in Louisiana.

Anquan Boldin and the Q81 Foundation

Another player who has been heavily involved in charity work is former NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Boldin is the founder of Q81 Foundation, which is “dedicated to expanding opportunities for underprivileged youth.” One way that Boldin’s foundation gives back is by providing scholarships to students who might not otherwise be able to afford college. To date, the foundation has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships.

In addition to supporting educational initiatives, Q81 Foundation also provides resources and support for families who are dealing with gun violence. After losing his cousin Corey Jones to gun violence in 2015, Boldin dedicated himself to fighting for stricter gun laws and providing support for families who have been affected by gun violence.


NFL players may not be required to do charity work, but many choose to use their platform and their voices to give back to the communities that have supported them throughout their careers. Whether it’s raising money for cancer research or providing scholarships for underprivileged youth, there are a number of ways that NFL players are making a difference in their communities.