Accounting Method

Accounting Method

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost and Modified Cash Basis Accounting Methods

There are three primary types of accounting methods: Cost and High-low. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one. There is also a section on the Modified cash basis. These methods are the most common among public companies, although they do differ slightly from one another. This article aims to help you decide which one is the best choice for your business. The following information will help you determine which accounting method is best suited for you.

Cost basis

During a financial year, a company can use the Cost basis method to determine its tax liability for a sale. It must decide how to determine cost basis at the beginning of the financial year and keep track of its profits to determine which method is right for its company. The cost basis method also needs to be chosen at the beginning of the financial year to ensure that any gain or loss is accounted for correctly. The table below compares the two methods and explains the differences between them.

Cost basis is an important accounting technique for calculating tax liability. In addition to the initial purchase price, this method also accounts for installation expenses, such as cleaning services and taxes. It can also include non-related expenses, such as gifts to customers and tips for baggage carriers. This method is especially important for large organizations because it can be difficult to keep track of when a certain stock was purchased. However, the cost basis is a useful tool in determining the tax liability of a business.


The high-low accounting method helps companies determine how much overhead is needed for a given month. For instance, an organization might need to budget payroll costs for the next quarter. For this purpose, the highest activity level is in August, when the company shipped 10,000 units. However, if the average monthly cost is $55,000, then the company’s overheads are overstated. For this reason, the high-low method should be used carefully.

The high-low method is also useful in forecasting fixed costs. The High-Low method helps separate fixed costs from variable costs. Using this method will help you determine the average cost of producing a product. This type of costing can be useful for all levels of activity, and it will also help you plan for future costs. The High-Low method will help you to understand how much each cost category is. Once you understand this, you can better plan your budget.

Cash basis

A company’s cash-based results are less accurate than those based on an accrual basis. That’s because the timing of cash flows is not necessarily representative of the changes in the business’s financial condition. For example, a company cannot report its revenue until it actually pays a customer for goods or services. By not cashing checks or delaying payment for liabilities, the business can alter its reported results. The manipulation of cash-based results is a common practice among businesses, which often help lower their tax burden.

While this method is not as precise as the accrual method, it allows you to track your income and expenses as they occur. It requires little knowledge of accounting and does not have a steep learning curve. However, it is not advisable to use this method unless you are sure that your business practices are consistent with accepted accounting principles. Cash-based accounting does require practice, however. This method is not suitable for all businesses. If you’re unsure of which method to choose, we recommend starting with the cash basis method.

Modified cash basis

A modified cash basis accounting method uses double entry accounting instead of the single entry system. This type of accounting produces more relevant financial information than the cash basis method. Modified cash basis accounting does not require as much documentation as accrual basis accounting. As a result, it is considered a cost-effective bookkeeping option. Both the cash-basis and modified cash basis accounting methods are available in Patriot Accounting Software. To learn more about each of them, click on the links below.

The Modified Cash Basis Accounting method combines aspects of both the cash-basis and the accrual basis of accounting. With the cash basis, transactions are recognized as they occur. On the accrual basis, however, expenses and revenue are recorded as they are billed. Combined, these methods provide a clearer financial picture and avoid the high-costs and complexity of full-blown accrual accounting. The Modified Cash Basis accounting method is a versatile way to balance the short and long-term financial statements.