Academy of Accounting Historians


The Academy of Accounting Historians, established in 1973, is a non-profit organization of scholars of accounting history.

What is 'Academy of Accounting Historians'

A nonprofit organization that researches how accounting principles and rules have changed over time. The Academy of Accounting Historians was created in 1973 and publishes journal and research papers throughout the year. Membership is not restricted to accountants.

Explaining 'Academy of Accounting Historians'

The Academy of Accounting Historians examines the relationship between accounting rules and economic history, focusing on the interplay between the various forces that affect businesses.

Further Reading

Academy of Accounting Historians [PDF]
David AR Forrester of the University of Strathclyde is this year's recipient of the Hourglass Award for his work entitled Schmalenbach and After: A Study of the evolution of German business economics. Academy President Hanns-Martin Schoenfeld in making the award commented that Forrester had made a very comprehensive and in depth scholarly analysis of Schmalenbach's contribution to accounting and business administration which had previously been almost totally neglected in the English speaking world. Further, Forrester …

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