7 Countries That Spend the Most During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of festivity and generosity, often reflected in people’s spending habits worldwide. The costs can add up quickly, from gifts and decorations to lavish feasts. According to ExpressVPN’s blog, on average, an American consumer spends about $1,000 on Christmas gifts. Here’s a look at the seven countries that top the list for holiday spending, showcasing their unique festive expenditures.

1. Canada – $1,717

Canada leads the pack with an average holiday spending of $1,717 per household. This high figure reflects the Canadians’ enthusiasm for celebrating with various gifts, elaborate decorations, and festive foods. The spirit of giving and joyous celebration is deeply ingrained in Canadian culture, leading to significant holiday expenditures.

2. Germany – $1,653

Close behind is Germany, where households spend an average of $1,653. Known for its vibrant Christmas markets and rich traditions, German holiday spending includes unique gifts, handcrafted decorations, and traditional festive foods. This expenditure reflects the country’s deep-rooted holiday customs and the importance of celebrating these occasions with family and friends.

3. United States – $1,205

In the United States, households spend an average of $1,205 during the holiday season. American holiday spending is driven by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, Christmas shopping, and Thanksgiving celebrations. The U.S. market also sees a significant uptick in spending on decorations and holiday-themed events.

4. Australia – $1,188

Australian households typically spend around $1,188 during the holiday season. In the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas falls in the summer, so Australian holiday spending often includes items for outdoor celebrations, barbecues, and summer activities, alongside traditional gifts and decorations.

5. France – $1,142

In France, where the holiday season is celebrated with a certain je ne sais quoi, households spend an average of $1,142. French holiday spending is characterized by gourmet food, fine wine, and elegant decorations. The emphasis on culinary delights and high-quality gifts is a hallmark of French holiday celebrations.

6. Mexico – $1,055

Mexican households spend an average of $1,055 during the holiday season. Celebrations in Mexico are rich in cultural traditions, including posadas and unique festive decorations. Mexican holiday spending also includes a significant portion of food and gifts, reflecting the importance of family gatherings and gift-giving in their culture.

7. United Kingdom – $1,042

Rounding out the list is the United Kingdom, with households spending an average of $1,042. British holiday spending often includes Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s celebrations. The U.K. market is known for its festive shopping sprees, lavish meals, and a focus on traditional decorations and gifts.

In Conclusion

The holiday season is a period of high expenditure globally, with each country showcasing its unique traditions and spending patterns. From the snowy festivities in Canada and Germany to the summer celebrations in Australia, these countries exemplify the global diversity in holiday spending. Whether it’s for gifts, decorations, or festive