Why your business needs a spend management platform

A key aspect of every business is the way you pay and manage spending.

Whether you’re purchasing from consumer industries or making B2B transactions, it’s essential you have an effective way of monitoring, controlling, and evaluating every company expense.

There are various ways each company can choose to manage their spending. Some may prefer to use wire transfers, whilst others might opt for the traditional paper checks.

But as every sector and technology evolves, there may be more effective ways to manage business spend, matching the speed, detail, and accuracy needed in today’s world.

The solution – spend management software.

Read on, to learn what a spend management platform is, and why it’s essential for your business.

What is a spend management platform?

A spend management platform is expert software used to help businesses manage their spending in the best way possible.

A software, such as Mesh Payments for example, will provide your business with a range of features which allow for smooth and precise management of expenses.

This means every transaction made from your business – whether by a CEO, employee, or finance team – will be subject to tracking, analysis, and evaluation on your software, through its many useful tools.

Spend management platforms help you gather all of the transactions in one place, acting as the heart of your entire corporate spending activity.

Whether you want to check a payment, approve a transaction, or evaluate a period of spending, it will all be managed from this software.

This is the core of your business spend management.

How can a spend management platform help your business?

There are various reasons why spend management software is pivotal for your business, as it brings a whole host of benefits to the way you manage payments:

  • Optimal spending control

With spend management software, you can maintain full control over the outgoings from your business, all from one platform.

This includes being able to have every payment, or ones specified by you, approved before completion, which gives you clear awareness of what is being spent and where, as well as the ability to cut or complete it.

You can also set spend limits across all your business’s transactions, which will prevent any overspending.

  • Time-efficient management

A huge aspect of spend management is the time it takes to execute the process.

For example, with traditional paper checks, every payment must be recorded and processed manually, and it can take up to weeks or months to fully complete.

Spend management platforms are time efficient, with the speediest ways of controlling your spending.

For instance, you can have automated tools put in place to ensure things like approvals, tracking, and receipt logging can all be done by the software, without the need for manual intervention.

  • Improved data accuracy

Spend management software also provides a high level of accuracy with every expense, as opposed to other methods which may be vulnerable to errors or insufficient detail.

For example, when entering spend data manually, it leaves room for human error, where something may be misspelled or forgotten.

However, spend management platforms can handle this automatically, so nothing is missed or incorrect when being added to the data records.

With a more accurate record of spending, this allows the platform to produce more meaningful insights and allow you to optimize your business spend.

  • Meaningful spending insights

A highly beneficial component of spend management platforms, comes from the many detailed insights the software produces.

One of the best ways to better manage your business spending, is to analyze previous data, to identify where and how you can be more efficient with expenses.

Spend management software automatically uses the data collected to provide these reports and insights, with clear breakdowns of how your business is spending money.

The more detailed the insights, the more effective and efficient your spend management will be.