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Earnings Yield

DefinitionEarnings yield is the quotient of earnings per share divided by the share price. It is the reciprocal of the P/E ratio. Earnings Yield What is 'Earnings Yield' Earnings yield are

Earnings Surprise

DefinitionAn earnings surprise, or unexpected earnings, in accounting, is the difference between the reported earnings and the expected earnings of an entity. Measures of a firm's expected e

Macaulay Duration

Macaulay Duration What is The 'Macaulay Duration' The Macaulay duration is the weighted average term to maturity of the cash flows from a bond. The weight of each cash flow is determined b

What is the Real Interest Rate in 2020?

What is the Real Interest Rate in 2020? How do you find the real rate? The real interest rate can be calculated by removing the inflation rate from the current nominal interest rate. The equ

Baccalaureate Bond

Baccalaureate Bond What is 'Baccalaureate Bond' A zero-coupon bond issued by certain states to assist families in saving for college tuition by means of added tax benefits. Baccalaureate b


Z-Bond What is 'Z-Bond' The final tranche in a series of mortgage-backed securities that is the last one to receive payment. Used in some collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), Z-bonds
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