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Sandwich Generation

DefinitionThe Sandwich Generation is a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children. Sandwich Generation What is the 'Sandwich Generation' The

Generation Gap

Generation Gap What is a 'Generation Gap' A generation gap consists of the differences in opinions expressed by members of two different generations. More specifically, a generation gap ca

Generation-Skipping Trust

Generation-Skipping Trust What is a 'Generation-Skipping Trust' A generation-skipping trust is a type of legally binding trust agreement in which the contributed assets are passed down to

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT)

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT) What is 'Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax - GSTT' A tax incurred when there is a transfer of property by gift or inheritance to a beneficiary who is

Generational Accounting

DefinitionGenerational accounting is a method of measuring the fiscal burdens facing today's and tomorrow's children. Laurence Kotlikoff's individual and co-authored work on the relativity o

Baby Boomer Age Wave Theory

Baby Boomer Age Wave Theory What is 'Baby Boomer Age Wave Theory ' An economic theory popularized by economist and writer Harry Dent, who concludes that the U.S. and other European market


Z-Share What is 'Z-Share' A class of mutual fund shares that employees of the fund's management company are allowed to own. Employees may have the option of buying Z-shares or receiving th

Baby Boomer

DefinitionBaby Boomers are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. There are varying timelines defining the start and the end of this cohort; demog