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Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund (FEM)

Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund (FEM) What is 'Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund - FEM' A reserve fund established by the country of Venezuela. Also known as the "FEM," it was created at t


Abatement What is 'Abatement' Abatement is a reduction in the level of taxation faced by an individual or company. Examples of an abatement include a tax decrease, a reduction in penalties

Backflip Takeover

Backflip Takeover What is 'Backflip Takeover' An uncommon type of takeover in which the acquirer becomes a subsidiary of the acquired or targeted company, with business after the takeover

Qualified Reservist

Qualified Reservist What is 'Qualified Reservist ' A member of the military reserve who is not actively serving but may be called to duty and who is eligible to make an early withdrawal f


Quasi-Reorganization What is 'Quasi-Reorganization' A relatively obscure provision under U.S. GAAP which provides that under certain circumstances, a firm may eliminate a deficit in its re

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) What is 'Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - FERC' An independent agency responsible for regulating interstate oil and gas pipelines and sale

Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII)

DefinitionQualified Domestic Institutional Investor, also known as QDII, is a scheme relating to the capital market set up to allow financial institutions to invest in offshore markets such