Dead Presidents

What is 'Dead Presidents'

Slang referring to U.S. paper currency. Dead presidents can refer to any unit of currency, but most often refers to George Washington, whose picture is on the $1 bill. Therefore an item that costs six dead presidents would mean that it costs $6.

Explaining 'Dead Presidents'

During the Civil War, the Union Congress ordered the printing of half a million 5-cent notes due to a shortage of the metals used to produce traditional coinage. However, when the notes appeared to the public, the engraved portrait on the bill was of someone named Spencer M. Clark. Naturally, no one in the Union (or anywhere else) had any idea who this was. An investigation quickly revealed that Lincoln had appointed him as the first superintendent of the National Currency Bureau. Because Congress had not specified that any particular historical figure be placed upon the bill, he had simply taken the liberty of putting his own picture there. Needless to say, Congress was furious. They immediately enacted a law stipulating that from that point on, any person who appeared on the face of any U.S. currency had to be famous -and dead.

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What is the film about?

The film is about Dead Presidents.

Who wrote, produced, and directed the film?

The Hughes brothers co-wrote, produced, and directed the film.

What does Dead Presidents depict?

It depicts a crime film.

What genre of movie is it?

Crime films are movies that depict crimes or criminals as their main subject matter. They are often based on real events or people. Crime films tend to have similar characters in them such as police officers or detectives who investigate crimes committed by other criminals. There are also many subgenres of crime films including gangster films which focus on organized crime and heist films which focus on theft from large institutions such as banks or casinos. Other common themes in crime films include violence, revenge, corruption and drug use. Some examples of famous crime movies include Scarface (1932), Goodfellas (1990), Heat (1995) and Casino (1995).

Who stars in Dead Presidents?

Larenz Tate , Keith David , Chris Tucker , Freddy Rodriguez , N'Bushe Wright , and Bokeem Woodbine .

How old was Anthony Curtis when he joined the Marines?

He was 17 years old when he joined the Marines at age 18 during his senior year of high school after graduating early from high school with honors at age 16 with a GPA over 3.8 out of 4 points earned for each grade level completed during his first three years of high school prior to joining the Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalion at Parris Island South Carolina where he received top honors for physical fitness training earning him an award known as "The Devil Dog" Award given only to those recruits who earn this award twice within their time spent training at Parris Island SC before being sent off to Camp Lejeune North Carolina

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