5 Marketing Tips for new businesses

Starting a new business is a task that is daunting and can quickly overwhelm those who may not fully understand what they’re getting themselves into.  That being said, it’s something that millions of people go through each year in the United States, so it’s good to know first of all, that you’re not alone in these feelings.

One area that often creates the most trouble for new and inexperienced business owners is how to market their new business properly. Marketing is one of the most crucial elements of creating success for your new business, if you fail to market your new business properly, you are only capping your chance of success and limiting your potential growth.

In this article, we will attempt to help set a foundation for new business owners when it comes to how to market your company at a base level properly. These won’t be intricate marketing methods but these will be the root foundation of all future marketing plans you look to implement. Without these roots marketing methods and strategies, all future strategies will have a tougher time succeeding.

Know your target market

When starting a business and deciding your marketing strategies, it is incredibly important to know who you are marketing to. If you already have a history of clientele, this is a bit easier to do, if not, you will need to do research on who is your likely target market. Once you know you’re target market, you’ll be able to come up with marketing strategies and be able to curtail them to individual market segmentations, whether it’s age, gender, occupation, or any other sort of demographic that could be used to better your marketing plan. As an example, the Toronto Online Casinos have to target adult customers in a regulated market that forbids advertising that is attractive to children.


Furthermore, having the ability to use analytics whether it’s through your sales, site visitors, social media followers, or any other sort of way you can collect your clientele. Using analytics in various platforms and ways will allow you to get a deeper understanding of what is appealing to your clientele, what is failing to appeal, and where you could improve going forward among other various benefits. Analytics has the ability to be your greatest tool and will be able to guide you through many tough marketing decisions.


SEO is a major key to success when it comes to your website. Also known as search engine optimization, SEO is all about using keywords to better your chances of showing up higher on search engines. There are four types of SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Local SEO, and technical SEO. By optimizing your SEO, you will have a greater chance of drawing more traffic to your websites without spending a dime. That being said, if you’re unsure of how to properly SEO your site, spending some money for someone to do it for you, would likely be beneficial in the long run.

Word-of-mouth marketing

As a new business, a great way to market early on in an effective and cheap manner is through word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is also quite simple. As you fulfill customers’ needs to expectations and they are happy with the service or product provided, they will pass on the word of your business, bringing more people to check out your business. One way to better ensure this happens is by using referral programs – offering customers promotions, discounts, and more if they refer others to your business.

Social media

Social media is your greatest tool and at the basics, it’s completely free. Using social media, you have the opportunity to get your business and products in front of potentially millions in a matter of seconds. All social media platforms also offer the ability to pay for more tools and the ability to promote your social media posts as well in order to get them in front of a segmented market which we discussed above. That being said, in today’s society, a social media presence as a new business is crucial.

Again, these are only a handful of different basic marketing tips and strategies that we believe are crucial for helping set your business up for success in the long run. Market segmenting, analytics, SEO, and social media will all be foundational roots in your future marketing strategies and will have a huge impact on your overall success.