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DefinitionA yo-yo is a toy consisting of an axle connected to two disks, and a string looped around the axle. It has some similarities to a slender. Yo-Yo What is 'Yo-Yo' Yo-yo is slang fo

Wage Expense

Wage Expense What is 'Wage Expense' In financial accounting, wage expense represents payments made to non-manufacturing employees, regardless of whether they are hourly or salaried. Depend

Geographical Labor Mobility

Geographical Labor Mobility What is 'Geographical Labor Mobility' Geographical labor mobility refers to the level of freedom that workers have to relocate in order to find gainful employme


DefinitionUnderemployment is the under-use of a worker due to a job that does not use the worker's skills, or is part time, or leaves the worker idle. Examples include holding a part-time jo

Occupational Labor Mobility

Occupational Labor Mobility What is 'Occupational Labor Mobility' Refers to the ease with which workers can switch career fields to find gainful employment or meet labor needs. Higher leve

Labor Productivity

Labor Productivity What is 'Labor Productivity' Labor productivity is a measure of economic growth within a country. Labor productivity measures the amount of goods and services produced b