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National Commodities And Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)

National Commodities And Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) What is 'National Commodities And Derivatives Exchange - NCDEX' India's largest and most recognized commodities exchange, which was es

Calamity Call

Calamity Call What is 'Calamity Call' A call feature of a Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) designed primarily to reduce the issuer's reinvestment risk. If the cash flow generated b

Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP)

Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) What is 'Qualified Institutional Placement - QIP' A designation of a securities issue given by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) tha

Failed Break

Failed Break What is 'Failed Break' A price movement through an identified level of support or resistance that does not have enough momentum to maintain its direction. Since the validity o

Wall Street

Wall Street What is 'Wall Street' Wall Street is a street in lower Manhattan that is the original home of the New York Stock Exchange and the historic headquarters of the largest U.S. brok

Dalal Street

DefinitionDalal Street in downtown Mumbai, India is the address of the Bombay Stock Exchange and several related financial firms and institutions. When Bombay Stock Exchange was moved to thi


Unchanged What is 'Unchanged' A situation in which the price or rate of a security does not change between two periods. This can be over any time frame including a trading day, week, or ev

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS)

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) What is 'Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey - JOLTS' A survey done by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics to help measure job va

V-Shaped Recovery

V-Shaped Recovery What is 'V-Shaped Recovery' A type of economic recession and recovery that resembles a "V" shape in charting. Specifically, a V-shaped recovery represents the shape of th

Dow Jones Industrial Average – DJIA

DefinitionThe Dow Jones Industrial Average, or simply the Dow, is a stock market index that shows how 30 large, publicly owned companies based in the United States have traded during a stand