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Hard Sell

DefinitionIn advertising, a hard sell is an advertisement or campaign that uses a more direct, forceful, and overt sales message. This approach is the diametric counterpart of a soft sell. H

Negative Interest Rate Policy

Negative Interest Rate Policy A negative interest rate policy (NIRP) is a monetary policy that is used by central banks to keep negative rates in the country. The rates are kept at below zer

Fed Balance Sheet

Fed Balance Sheet What is 'Fed Balance Sheet' A breakdown of the assets and liabilities held by the Federal Reserve. This report essentially outlines the factors that affect both the suppl

Family Limited Partnership (FLP)

Family Limited Partnership (FLP) What is 'Family Limited Partnership - FLP' A type of partnership designed to centralize family business or investment accounts. FLPs pool together a family

Fed Speak

Fed Speak What is 'Fed Speak' A phrase used to describe former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan's tendency to make wordy statements with little substance. Many analysts felt t

U.S. House Financial Services Committee

DefinitionThe United States House Committee on Financial Services is the committee of the United States House of Representatives that oversees the entire financial services industry, includi

Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

Jackson Hole Economic Symposium What is 'Jackson Hole Economic Symposium' An annual symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City since 1978, and held in Jackson Hole, Wyo