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Immediate Beneficiary

Immediate Beneficiary What is 'Immediate Beneficiary' A beneficiary designation most commonly used in charitable gift planning to describe which parties get an immediate benefit from a tra

Named Beneficiary

Named Beneficiary What is 'Named Beneficiary' This term refers to any beneficiary named in a will, a trust, an insurance policy, pension plan accounts, IRAs, or any other instrument, to wh

Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC)

Home Ownership by Country Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) What is 'Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit - REMIC' A special purpose vehicle (SPV) that is used to pool mor

Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMIC)

Home Ownership by Country Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMIC) What is 'Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits - REMIC' A complex pool of mortgage securities created for the

Pass-Through Security

Pass-Through Security What is 'Pass-Through Security' A pass-through security is a pool of fixed-income securities backed by a package of assets. A servicing intermediary collects the mont

Pass-Through Rate

Pass-Through Rate What is the 'Pass-Through Rate' The pass-through rate is the rate on a securitized asset pool -- such as a mortgage-backed security (MBS) -- that is "passed-through" to i

Generation-Skipping Trust

Generation-Skipping Trust What is a 'Generation-Skipping Trust' A generation-skipping trust is a type of legally binding trust agreement in which the contributed assets are passed down to

Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed

Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed What is 'Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed' The median value of all Wall Street securities dealers' prepayment speed estimates for the underlying mortgages used

Pass-Through Certificate

DefinitionA pass-through certificates is an instrument that evidences the ownership of two or more equipment trust certificates. In other words, equipment trust certificates may be bundled i

FED Pass

FED Pass What is 'FED Pass' An action taken by the Federal Reserve that looks to increase the availability of credit by moving additional reserves into the banking system. The supply of lo