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Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG)

Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) What is 'Canada Education Savings Grant - CESG' A grant from the Government of Canada paid directly into a beneficiary's Registered Education Savings

Value-Based Pricing

DefinitionValue-based price is a pricing strategy which sets prices primarily, but not exclusively, according to the perceived or estimated value of a product or service to the customer rath

Qualifying Ratios

Qualifying Ratios What is 'Qualifying Ratios' A set of ratios that are used by lenders to approve borrowers for a mortgage. The borrower's front-end ratio, which is the total housing expen

Calmar Ratio

DefinitionCalmar ratio is a performance measurement used to evaluate Commodity Trading Advisors and hedge funds. It was created by Terry W. Young and first published in 1991 in the trade jou

Earned Income Credit (EIC)

Earned Income Credit (EIC) What is 'Earned Income Credit - EIC' A tax credit in the United States which benefits certain taxpayers who have low incomes from work in a particular tax year.

Keogh Plan

DefinitionKeogh plans are a type of retirement plan for self-employed people and small businesses in the United States. Keogh Plan What is the 'Keogh Plan' A Keogh plan is a tax-deferred p

Daily Trading Limit

Daily Trading Limit What is 'Daily Trading Limit' The maximum gain or loss on a derivative contract, such as options and futures contracts, that is allowed in any one trading session. The

Valuation Mortality Table

Valuation Mortality Table What is 'Valuation Mortality Table' A statistical chart that is used by insurance companies to calculate the statutory reserve and cash surrender values of life i