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Yield To Worst (YTW)

Yield To Worst (YTW) What is the 'Yield To Worst - YTW' The yield to worst (YTW) is the lowest potential yield that can be received on a bond without the issuer actually defaulting. The YT


DefinitionA quartile is a type of quantile. The first quartile is defined as the middle number between the smallest number and the median of the data set. The second quartile is the median o


Kijun-Sen What is 'Kijun-Sen' The Kijun-Sen is a major indicator line and component of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator, also known as the Ichimoku cloud. It is generally used as a metric

Kijun Line

Kijun Line What is 'Kijun Line' The mid-point between the highest high and lowest low of a particular security. The kijun line, also called kijun-sen, is the base line used specifically in

KOF Economic Barometer

KOF Economic Barometer What is 'KOF Economic Barometer' A composite indicator that provides a reliable reading on the direction of GDP growth for the Swiss economy compared with the year-e

NAB Business Confidence Index

NAB Business Confidence Index What is 'NAB Business Confidence Index' A key measure of business confidence in Australia, published monthly and quarterly by National Australia Bank. The NAB