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Yen ETF What is 'Yen ETF' Exchange-traded funds that invest primarily in yen-backed assets such as short-term debt instruments and bonds, or hold the currency in simple interest-bearing ac

Water ETF

Water ETF What is 'Water ETF' An exchange-traded fund that invests in companies operating in industries such as water treatment and purification, water utilities, water monitoring, and bro

Nasdaq SmallCap Market

Nasdaq SmallCap Market What is 'Nasdaq SmallCap Market' The Nasdaq equity market for companies that have relatively small levels of market capitalization. Listing requirements for such "sm


QQQQ What was 'QQQQ' QQQQ was the previous ticker symbol for the Nasdaq 100 Trust, an ETF that trades on the Nasdaq. This security offers broad exposure to the tech sector by tracking the

KBW Bank Index

KBW Bank Index What is 'KBW Bank Index' An economic index consisting of the stocks of 24 banking companies. This index serves as a benchmark of the banking sector. This index trades on the