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Heads Of Agreement

Heads Of Agreement What is 'Heads Of Agreement' A non-binding document outlining the main issues relevant to a tentative partnership agreement. Heads of agreement represents the first step

Hands-On Investor

Hands-On Investor What is 'Hands-On Investor' An investor who holds a large portion of a company's shares and takes an active management role. A hands-on investor can also be called a majo


Fakeout What is 'Fakeout' A term used in technical analysis to refer to a situation in which a trader enters into a position in anticipation of a future transaction signal or price movemen

Weak Hands

Weak Hands What is 'Weak Hands' 1. The intention of futures contract holders not to receive delivery of the underlying. 2. Retail traders in the forex market who abide by the conventional

Dead Hand Provision

Dead Hand Provision What is 'Dead Hand Provision' A stipulation on a defense mechanism (or poison pill) used by companies in order to protect against a merger or takeover by another compan

Days To Cover

Days To Cover What is 'Days To Cover' Days to cover is a measurement of a company's issued shares that are currently shorted, expressed as the number of days required to close out all of t

Days Sales Of Inventory (DSI)

Days Sales Of Inventory (DSI) What is 'Days Sales Of Inventory - DSI' The days sales of inventory value, or DSI, is a financial measure of a company's performance that gives investors an i

Daily Factor

Daily Factor What is 'Daily Factor' A decimal representing the portion of an annual yield earned in one day. Daily factors are often reported alongside current annualized yield figures, an

S&P Phenomenon

S&P Phenomenon What is 'S&P Phenomenon' The tendency for a stock that has been recently added to the S&P composite index to experience a temporary price increase. The S&P index

Obsolete Inventory

Obsolete Inventory What is 'Obsolete Inventory' Obsolete inventory is a term that refers to inventory that is at the end of its product life cycle and has not seen any sales or usage for a