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Ideation What is 'Ideation' Ideation is the process of forming and relating ideas, oftentimes in a business setting. It is used to describe the sequence of thought, from idea generation to


Reallowance What is 'Reallowance' In securities underwriting, the fee that the underwriting group pays to a securities firm that is not part of the syndicate, but that still sells shares i


Backpricing What is 'Backpricing' A pricing method used in specific futures contracts whereby the price of the commodity to be delivered is priced by the purchaser at some future date afte


Pairoff What is 'Pairoff' 1. A purchase of securities to offset a previously transacted sale of the same security. 2. A transaction in securities markets where off-setting buy and sell t

Dealing Desk

Dealing Desk What is 'Dealing Desk' In foreign currency markets, the location of a financial institution's forex dealers. Since the forex market is open around-the-clock, many institutions


Corporations The word corporation represents an organization, which works completely separately from its owners, and it is in itself a legal body capable of presenting an argument and making

Each Way

Each Way What is 'Each Way' A slang phrase used when a broker earns commissions from both parties in a security sale. The purchaser and the seller of the security will pay a fee to the bro