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Odd Date

Odd Date What is 'Odd Date' A type of maturity date for foreign-exchange contracts. Odd dates are neither spot nor fixed dates; they are simply random, unrelated dates. Explaining 'Odd D

Make Whole Call (Provision)

Make Whole Call (Provision) What is a 'Make Whole Call (Provision)' A make whole call provision is a type of call provision on a bond allowing the issuer to pay off remaining debt early. T

Callable Bond

DefinitionA callable bond is a type of bond that allows the issuer of the bond to retain the privilege of redeeming the bond at some point before the bond reaches its date of maturity. In ot

Past Due

Past Due What does 'Past Due' mean Past due is a loan payment that has not been made as of its due date. A borrower who is past due may be subject to late fees, unless the borrower is stil

Day-Count Convention

DefinitionIn finance, a day count convention determines how interest accrues over time for a variety of investments, including bonds, notes, loans, mortgages, medium-term notes, swaps, and f

Dated Date

Dated Date What is 'Dated Date' The date at which interest begins to accrue on a fixed-income security. Investors who purchase a fixed-income security between interest payment dates must a

Earnings Announcement

Earnings Announcement What is 'Earnings Announcement' Earnings announcement is an official public statement of a company's profitability for a specific time period, typically a quarter or

Valuation Mortality Table

Valuation Mortality Table What is 'Valuation Mortality Table' A statistical chart that is used by insurance companies to calculate the statutory reserve and cash surrender values of life i