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Fast Market

Fast Market What is 'Fast Market' A condition that will be officially declared by a stock market exchange when the financial markets are experiencing unusually high levels of volatility, c

Jim Cramer (James Cramer)

Jim Cramer (James Cramer) What is 'Jim Cramer' Former hedge fund manager, columnist and author as well as host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and CBS radio's "Real Money". Cramer's claim to fame is

Latin Baseball Futures

Latin Baseball Futures What is 'Latin Baseball Futures' A financial contract used to speculate on the potential of teenage baseball players from Latin America who are training to earn spot

Daily Cut-Off

Daily Cut-Off What is 'Daily Cut-Off' In the forex market, a particular point in time specified by a forex dealer to stand as the end of the current trading day and the beginning of a new