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War Exclusion Clause

War Exclusion Clause What is 'War Exclusion Clause' A clause in an insurance policy that specifically excludes coverage for acts of war such as invasion, insurrection, revolution, military

Weak Longs

Weak Longs What is 'Weak Longs' Refers to the group of investors that holds a long position and is quick to exit that position at the first sign of weakness. This group of investors is gen

Walk-Away Lease

Walk-Away Lease What is 'Walk-Away Lease' A common type of car lease in which the lessee returns the car at the end of the lease period, ending the lease agreement. The lessee bears very l

Deal Slip

Deal Slip What is 'Deal Slip' A record of the essential details of a transaction entered into by a forex dealer. It is the primary source of record-keeping for a dealer. Deal slips are gen