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Become a contributor! Our primary categories are finance, insurance, investing, loans, education, politics, culture and lifestyle, health, the interest rate, property, housing, brokerages and market lenders. However, any industry can be if the content is relevant to finance.

Example Story Ideas Tying Your Industry to Finance

Nearly every industry is related to finance, budget, and money. Here are just a few ideas…

  • Write for us on Fashion: Fashion on a budget!
  • Write for us on Technology: The Best Tech that Won’t Break the Bank
  • Write for us on Health: The Healthiest Version of You is the Wealthiest Version of You
  • Write for us on Marketing: How to Make the Most out of your Marketing Dollars
  • Write for us on Music: Audiophile Tech on a Budget
  • Write for us on Beauty: Look Like a Million Bucks for Just a Few

    About Our Guest Authorship Program

    We want our readers to continue growing in their knowledge and the best way they can do that is by reading the great content you produce. We need your advice to help readers with time saving insight that will offer them a solid state of core financial knowledge. If you are an expert in business, personal money management, financial technology, marketing or other related topics, we are looking for writers just like you. Our articles are for real people with real problems including credit, real estate, finances, banking, investment, life insurance, mortgage and home equity and all sorts of financial topics which smart contributors can educate our readers on. Our terms for each writer is fairly simple as we are looking for bloggers who can be engaging and cover a myriad of financial subjects. We do not require a sponsored tag to accept your content because don’t charge for our special type of guest posting. We want our readers to continue growing in their knowledge and the best way they can do that is by reading the great content you produce.

    So please, if you want to contribute to this site, fill out the form above! Whether you are a seasoned guest blogger who runs a guest column or a guest author who wants to write one guest article, you have come to the right place!

    Guest Post Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a guest post?
    A Guest Post is a any article written on a website by an author other than the primary author.
    Is guest posting safe in SEO?
    Google does not want you to engage in paid or free guest posting for the purposes of manipulating the search engines. They are clear on this which is why we have established strong editorial guidelines.
    Does guest posting still work?
    Yes, guest posting does still work but primarily by finding high quality sites and creating high quality content. Your content needs to deserve the link it gets if you expect it to be worth anything.
    How do I find a guest blog site?
    While you can use services or search for sites in Google, the best way to approach it is to find the sites you think you can improve with your content. If you are an expert in auto detailing, perhaps a blog on classic cars could use your expertise on how to keep those cars in excellent shape. Reach out to them for opportunities. Be careful with sites you find on lists of guest post opportunities as they have probably been spammed with poor quality posts.