Foresight to begin pilot for its COVID-19 symptom detection system

Automotive sensor developer Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd said it will begin a pilot project in Israel for its COVID-19 symptom detection technology. The system will be evaluated for several months by Meuhedet, one of Israel’s main health maintenance organizations, at a clinic that serves about 50,000 patients in the city of Ashdod. Several neighbourhoods in Ashdod have been quarantined due to a large number of confirmed coronavirus patients. Foresight’s product is designed to rapidly detect some of the main symptoms associated with COVID-19. The combination of several symptoms increases the likelihood of accurate detection and potentially eliminates false positive results, the company said. The system will be installed, with no consideration to the company, at the entrance to the clinic, and will allow screening of all incoming patients. Initial detection of high body temperature will determine if further testing for fatigue and cough symptoms is required.

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