Data Insights

The Finance Reference (FR) Data Insights team analyzes both public and private information to identify trends and create predictions about the market with respect to primarily governmental intervention. The team consists currently of Editorial Chief Russ Jones, Writer Drew Travers, and a private team of analysts.

The Finance Reference Data Insights Team

Chief Editor: Russ Jones
Jones has served as a lead data scientist at numerous successful SaaS companies across the United States.
Associate Editor: Gerry Danzinger
Danzinger has worked with the Finance Reference team since its inception and continues to direct special projects.
Senior Data Analyst: Anish Kapor
Kapor has led the data analyst team since 2018
Communications Director: Parker Jones
Jones is responsible for all messaging, marketing and communications of the Data Insights team.
Adjunct Data Analyst: Jordan Klein
Klein assists on projects outside the United States with a specific interest in Western Europe
The Data Insights Team

All inquiries should be directed to Parker Jones, Communications Director: [email protected]

Or via phone during EST hours of 8:00 AM and 5:OO PM Monday-Friday

P: (919) 701-8036
F: (919) 701-8036 (Virtual Fax)

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