Costa Rica’s foreign trade minister unexpectedly quits

Costa Rica’s foreign trade minister, who played a key role in the country’s incorporation into the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), said on Friday that she has resigned from her post. A lawyer and expert on international arbitration, Dyala Jimenez Figueres was responsible for the Central American country’s foreign trade policies, investment and representation before multilateral organizations. Jimenez Figueres was sworn in by President Carlos Alvarado, of the center-left Citizens’ Action Party, two years ago; she gave reporters no reason for her decision but conceded differences within the government. Her resignation comes at a critical moment for Costa Rica, whose economy is expected to contract by 5% this year, according to the central bank. OECD countries in May unanimously decided to invite Costa Rica to become the 38th member of the Paris-based organization in recognition of the progress it had made.

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