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Quick Assets

Quick Assets What are 'Quick Assets' Quick assets refer to assets owned by a company with a commercial or exchange value that can easily be converted into cash or that is already in a cash

Quick-Rinse Bankruptcy

Quick-Rinse Bankruptcy What is 'Quick-Rinse Bankruptcy' A bankruptcy proceeding that is structured to move through legal proceedings faster than the average bankruptcy. The term "quick-rin

Know Your Client (KYC)

Know Your Client (KYC) What is 'Know Your Client - KYC' The Know Your Client form is a standard form in the investment industry that ensures investment advisors know detailed information a

Quick Ratio

DefinitionIn finance, the acid-test or quick ratio or liquidity ratio measures the ability of a company to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire its current liabilities i

W-Shaped Recovery

W-Shaped Recovery What is 'W-Shaped Recovery' An economic cycle of recession and recovery that resembles a "W" in charting. A W-shaped recovery represents the shape of the chart of certain

U-Shaped Recovery

U-Shaped Recovery What is 'U-Shaped Recovery' A type of economic recession and recovery that resembles a "U" shape in charting. Specifically, a U-shaped recovery represents the shape of th


K-Ratio What is 'K-Ratio' A ratio that is used in the performance evaluation of an equity relative to its risk. The ratio examines the consistency of an equity's return over time. The data